Toni Morrison Biography

Cloe Ardelia Wofford was born in 1931 in Ohio. She’s a great writer. But almost their entire life she was a teacher of literature.
She born in the US being a black woman and with your family (their parents and 3 brothers) saw and live the racism and the abuse behavior with them for decades. The worker parents of Toni taught her their Afroamerican roots, and since 12 yers she read a lot and became a catolc.
She won the Pulitzer in 1988 and the nobel in 1993 with her book Beloved. In 1960 Toni became the first black women editor. And her literature have the voices of the live and suffering of the black population in the US.
The thing that I love more of their books are the beautiful way of these are writtten. The hability of create scenes and darks enviroments are amazig. The scenes and sadness story of the characters transmit fear, loneliness, sadness and truth.
Toni died in 2019 in NY.

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