How essential is English in your life?


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You grew up in Latin America where your school, work, life, and culture was all in Spanish. It seemed like English was an unimportant part of your daily life. Many people have thought that. Now let’s look at the reality of the situation.

Your first job is entry level and doesn’t require any language other than Spanish. After a few years you have gained some experience in your area and want to get a promotion. That’s where you hit the first English requirement.

The promotion you want requires English, so you learn a few phrases just in case it comes up. You get the promotion! Everything is perfect, and you didn’t need English at all.


You get promoted, now what?

Now you’re at the next level and things are getting more difficult. You need to research and learn more about your field, but you find few results in Spanish except for some poorly made YouTube tutorials.

Your coworkers are saying words or phrases in English that you don’t really understand, but pretend to know. A shadow starts forming over your shoulder and darkens your experiences. That shadow is called the impostor syndrome, and it’s starting to eat away at your confidence.

So… what’s next?

Now you are a little older and it’s time for another step in your career. You apply for another promotion, but come up against the English requirement. This time the requirement has letters, what the hell is B2?

You memorize a few basic phrases in English just in case, but it didn’t come up last time, so you have nothing to worry about. You didn’t get the promotion. There was a part where the interviewer started speaking in English and you didn’t understand anything! Maybe it’s time to go to another company, so you start applying.


You’ve had several interviews with very promising companies, but have been rejected several times because English is a necessity. The companies work internationally or plan to expand internationally. Now you really need to learn English.

You are upset with yourself for avoiding it for so long and now you think that it will be much harder. You start searching online and find an institute that says you will reach B2 in 4 months taking 2 classes per week. You pay $1000 and start at that institute.

You struggle to get to the classes on time because you have to cross the city traffic and you have missed some. The teacher has 14 other students in class and looks frustrated when you ask a question, so you stop asking. Now 3 months have passed and you feel like you haven’t learned anything, so you stop going to class.

The big choice!

You have a choice now; stay in your current position forever and give up on your dreams of advancing your career, or pick yourself up and try again. You decide to look online again, and run into Platzi English Academy.

You’re hesitant, but it’s online, so you don’t have to cross the city.There aren’t fixed class schedules, so you won’t miss any classes or topics. All the students’ questions get answered by the teacher, the community, and/or other staff members. It’s also a much better price than what you have seen! Ok let’s do this!


You’ve started the first two courses and like the rhythm, but you’re missing interaction and speaking to other people. You notice a class mentioning MeetUps, English Trainings and VoiceChats, what’s this? Soon you’re in a Discord channelwith hundreds of people practicing their English daily.

You jump into big community events where you can speak to small groups of people in a safe and encouraging environment. After some time you start understanding the English words and phrases your coworkers are saying and go back to applying for a promotion and for jobs.

The results!

Tomorrow morning you have an interview with a huge multinational company, offering 3X what you are currently earning. You have finished several Platzi English Academy courses now, and feel more confident.

You tell some people in the Telegram group that you have an inteview and many people respond with possible interview questions and ideas for you to answer. You also realize that the shadow of the impostor syndrome isn’t bothering you anymore.

You nail the interview in English and get the job. All because you never gave up on yourself. Yes you made some mistakes, but instead of quitting you decided to never stop learning.

This may have been your story, or maybe just a small part of it. No matter what part of this story you are in, it’s never too late to start learning English. Join us today in Platzi English Academy and don’t let opportunities pass you by.



hace 3 años

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English is a very important skill that people tend to procrastinate and they decidd to learn it just when they require it. To me, English is a great tool to access not only for better job opportunities but for knowledge.


Thank you Jess! 😉 it was a wonderful story. I think I am in the early part of it 😃 Thanks Platzi ❤️


That’s the reason because I’m in Platzy English Academy and English Bootcamp!


I take 20 minutes read everything the blog, but “it was worth every damn second”



I really appreciate your history I am going to improve my English knowledge with Platzi 💯


This article is precisely the history that I do not want to live in, for this reason, I am studying English since zero.


Story Telling Capability in this blog

I identify myself in few things of th blog.


Nowadays learning English is not important, is absolutely necessary.


Excellent advice. I’ve just finished the last advanced english course and it feels great to acomplish it.
Now I can read, listen, pronuntiate and write it a lot better. I feel with more confidence and I will apply to a better job oportunity.
Best regards to you Jess.


Me pregunto cmo puedo leer todo el articulo perfectamente y no saber articular ningun comentario en ingles? Necesito estar en la academia ya!!!

3 años

me too, we have to improve the speaking


Consistency is the key. Tomorrow, your hard work will payoff


It’s as essential in life as algae or seaweed to oceans, if you know what I mean. #KeepLearningToday