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4 reasons why I became a coach and you should too


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“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one” - Malcolm Forbes

Learning does not stop in school. Why, it doesn’t even start in school! Think about all the nice things you can do that you did not learn in school: ride a bike, solve puzzles, roll your tongue, magic tricks.

And whereas riding a bike or solving a puzzle are generally skills that you acquire when you’re young, there are other non-academic skills that you can develop as an adult with the same freshness and fun.

Did you ever wonder how a colleague of yours became so good at closing good deals? Or how that friend finds the right words to motivate her team? Or where did your manager learn to smile through stressful days?

I assure you, those folks did not develop their soft skills in school. They did so by practicing in the field, by making mistakes and by receiving feedback. They might even have been trained by an executive coach.


What is executive coaching?

An executive coach is a trained professional that can help you develop some of the skills that are highly appreciated at work: the soft skills. If you undergo a coaching program, you will have a unique opportunity to learn in a personalized, efficient and fun manner. It is the perfect complement to formal training and education.

Here is why coaching is an excellent learning technique:

1. It’s efficient

Coaching sessions are typically 1 on 1, one-hour meetings where you discuss and brainstorm specific challenges. The coach masters knowledge transfer techniques that will make the coachee learn effectively and fast. For example, you will be doing role plays, solving practical problems or living critical scenarios that become memorable learning experiences with immediate practical application.

2. It’s personalized

The 1 on 1 format provides the learner with the opportunity to ask the coach for specific information. Whereas the coach has an ocean of knowledge at their disposal, it is the learner who will guide the discussion.

The coachee knows better than anyone what they need to learn, so they can suggest which topics to cover and which ones to skip, they can regulate the depth in which each topic is covered, and can demand for more examples or practice in a particular subject.

3. It’s fun

The confidential, professional, and relaxed environment in which the learning happens allows the learner to acquire new information and behaviors quickly.

The coaching space is a lab where testing and failing are allowed, where laughter and innovation are welcome, and where good humor and methodical studying coexist. It is a space where the vulnerable become the empowered and where aha moments happen frequently.

It is no secret why, at the end of the session, some coachees say things like: “This was the most fun part of my day!”, “I feel reset and ready to tackle my challenge head on!”

4. It’s a valuable skill

If you aspire to advance your career by taking on management positions in your organization, then coaching is definitely something you want to learn. Any good leader should be capable of helping their team develop the soft skills they need to excel at their job, such as teamwork, conflict resolution and effective communication.

Executive coaches are experts at this task and therefore make great leaders and managers at any kind of company!

It could be what you need!


Some years ago, I went through a one one one coaching session that changed my life. My coach said exactly the words I needed to hear to take the next big step in my life. I got so inspired and energized that I mustered the courage to start my own company, and here I am, many years later, happy that I made my decision to start a coaching company.

That moment was a turning point in my life. That’s why I studied and prepared myself to become the coach across from the executive. It’s a beautiful career.

If you’ve read this far, you might be starting to wonder: how could I get into coaching? Well, you can now do it here at Platzi!

The Coaching Fundamentals Course will teach you everything you need to know to get started: you will learn what coaching actually is (and what it’s not) and develop the skills you need as a coach. Plus, you’ll practice your English!

So what are you waiting for? You won’t know if you have what it takes until you try it!

If you feel the calling to help others develop their soft skills, don’t ignore it. The world needs you!



hace 3 años

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Excellent post ! I really liked it ! In my case I am a English language teacher and an organizational psychologist as well. I mainly work as a freelance teacher and knowing about will help me offer a better service to my students so that I can sell my services a language coach !

Thanks !