How idioms and phrasal verbs can improve your learning process?


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There are so many idioms and phrasal verbs in the English language. I love them! Why?  Well, they bring a richness to the language that other parts of speech cannot. For example, how boring would life be, without expressions that make no sense when taken literally, but create an image and an agreed upon meaning when taken figuratively?

Why are idioms phrasal verbs important?

Idioms bring color and humor to a language. For example, why is “a piece of cake” the phrase that means something is easy? Have you ever made a cake? It isn’t so easy. It is time consuming and there is an art to it. That is why expanding your English skills with idioms is too time consuming and a work of art.


That’s a lot for idioms, isn’t it? Think about it. The more idioms and phrasal verbs you learn, the greater your ability to express yourself in English! You will be able to expand your vocabulary and your confidence. You and your skills, like a really good cake, will be a work of art and a feast for your senses. English may become a piece of cake!

Phrasal verbs are as useful as idioms. They are used everyday in a variety of settings.  Many have multiple meanings and when you hear them for the first time you have to shake your head and think. Take the phrasal verb “get off”. It can mean the time you quit work, to escape punishment, or to send something by mail. It can also be used to show indignation. That is a lot of power for two little words. That is why it is important to learn phrasal verbs.

Improve your confidence with idioms and phrasal verbs

You hear phrasal verbs in a variety of ways and in a variety of settings. Context means everything, and with this Curso de Inglés Avanzado: Frases Verbales y Expresiones Idiomáticas Comunes you will gain some insight and understanding in how to use them. Not only that, but you will feel natural doing it. You may not learn every meaning of every phrasal verb, that would take a long time! That would take a series of courses! However, you will learn enough to feel stronger in your English skills and have a greater confidence in expressing yourself in your own way.

That is what is so great about common phrasal verbs and idioms! They make you a stronger speaker, they are fun to learn and they are very useful. I hope you enjoy this course as much as I enjoyed creating it. I just love words and language! I hope my enthusiasm for both comes out in this course. Words are fun. Expressions and phrases are even more fun, to learn, use and share. I know English often makes no sense! That’s okay! I know it can be challenging too. I hope this course makes it a little less confusing and much more enjoyable. Learning should be fun, entertaining and useful.


You need to practice what you learn in multiple ways. This course definitely does that. It allows you to practice orally, in written form and in creating your own responses. The more practice you get, the better you will become. I hope you try all of the exercises you  find. Practice, use the new phrases with your friends, have them guess what the different expressions mean. Challenge yourself to look into the idioms and phrasal verbs a little more. Find out their origins and how they came to be or just enjoy them like I do! They are fun and useful.

Learning English should be fun. Learning anything should be fun. These idioms and phrasal verbs are fun and useful. Don’t just learn them or memorize them and never practice them. Please, learn them, share them and enjoy them. You will be amazed how much your skills will improve and your confidence will grow! I promise the more you try, the better you will feel. Remember to have fun and not to take things too seriously, you are going to do great! Come on, what are you waiting for? I’ll see you here.

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hace 2 años

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Como se le llama a la regla gramatical de esta frase:
"Well, they bring a richness to the language that other parts of speech cannot. "

por ejemplo me dijeron profes de la uni que en modal verb no puede ir sin un verbo de acompañamiento pero se que esta bien y de hecho se lee bien, pero quisiera saber la regla gramatical


OMG, I will start now, because I love so much to enjoy the little things of my life and this course, seriously, I will enjoy it so much. ❤️


what an excellent and necessary course. thank you for giving us your knowledge.


I enjoyed this post. It expressed me the motivation that sometimes I need. I am still learning and I am sure I will take this course.


I am gonna take this course, for sure!


This article is amazing!!


Thank you Sarah!!!


Currently, I’m taking Basic English Courses but I’ll take it later ❤️ Thank you so much!


I’ll take the course, I’m hoping it helps me a lot to improve my English. See you there!